May 29, 2023

Home series

The events of the series, My Home, episode 39, revolve around a romantic, comic, and suspenseful frame. It revolves around a love story that takes place between two young men who know Mahdi and Zainab, where they have deep wounds from their childhood, the effects of which still remain, and the only thing that can end and heal their wounds is their endless love for each other. And we offer you a link to watch the series My Home, episode 39, with high quality subtitles, on a love story.

Home series, episode 39

The actress Dimit Ozdemir plays the starring role in the series with the artist Ibrahim Chiklul, as they appear in the events of the second season as a married couple, and they are exposed to many difficult situations, especially after discovering that there is a woman named “Binal” who is pregnant with a child from her husband Mahdi, and Mahdi is forced to bring her home and live with his wife. “Zainab”.

The series “Your destiny is the house you live in” is taken from a novel called “The Window Girl”, which was a bestseller in 2019, and Demet recently expressed the passion that controls the reader of that novel, who will not leave it until the end of reading the last point in it.

To watch the episode, click here

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