May 29, 2023

The series falls within the social works within the framework of suspense and romance Where it revolves around the character of Scheherazade, who lost her husband in a car accident, leaving his young son, whom her family did not recognize. Later, the child gets cancer, and Scheherazade begins to collect money, as one of the wealthy offers her money to start the dramatic story.

The Price series, episode 46

The Price” is an emotional social drama prepared by Yam Mashhadi and directed by Fikret Qadi, where Zain (Basil Khayyat) falls in love within the romantic social drama that began showing it on MBC1, and this dramatic style Bassel had been away from for a long time, to return to it again in “The Price” after urging from the audience. After a great success in embodying the character of Detective Hisham in his latest series “A Dangerous Detour”, produced by Karizma Media.

The work, starring alongside Basil Khayyat and Razan Jamal, includes: Nicolas Moawad, Sarah Abi Kanaan, Sabah Jazaeri, Rafik Ali Ahmed, Randa Kaadi, Talal Mardini, Wissam Fares, Nancy Khoury, Riam Kafarneh, Reem Khoury, and a group of guests.

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