June 1, 2023

The Directorate of Migration in Gaziantep, southern Turkey, revealed in a statement on its official website that the door has been opened for Syrians to submit their requests, complaints or suggestions.

With this step, the directorate aimed to improve the directorate’s work mechanism through a link on the Internet.

The Directorate’s statement said: “The field is open for Syrian refugees to send anything they would like to inquire about or submit complaints or suggestions related to the Wilayat Directorate.

The statement revealed that the Directorate is ready to receive requests (complaints – suggestions) of foreigners who live in Gaziantep.

He pointed out that it is expected that personal information and the request will be recorded in the system within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law.

“After the concerned unit evaluates your request, you will be reviewed and contacted to request additional information,” the statement said.

He explained that the response will be quick in the event that there is no need to request additional information, indicating that the response will be via e-mail and telephone, so they must be entered correctly.

Submitting a request (complaint – proposal) regarding the business and transactions carried out by the Directorate of Migration Management in Gaziantep Province will be from the link below

Turkish / Arabic contact information:

click here

Earlier, the statistics of the General Directorate of the Turkish Immigration Department for the year 2019 revealed that the number of Syrians in Turkey reached three million, 579 thousand and 332 Syrian refugees, according to the “Kimlik” temporary protection card.

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