May 23, 2023

With Togg announcing the start of selling its new electric car, questions abounded as to how and how to buy the car after the company announced that it would not be sold through dealers.

The price of the TOGG local car was announced, as TOGG’s T10X model will start at 953,000 TL.

How to buy the Turkish Togg electric car 2023

An official statement came from the company, explaining the method of purchasing the car, and the following was included in the statement:

To apply for the purchase of a car, you can access the company’s main website:

Or by downloading the company’s Trumore app:

“It will not be sold through dealers.”

Car writer Emre Ozbenerci pointed out that the TOGG car “will not be sold through dealers, but rather via the Internet,” adding that “delivery points will be established for those who want to see it physically. This will be in November.

Facilities of Turkish banks to buy TOGG

For his part, Turkish Minister of Treasury and Finance Noureddine Nabatai announced that talks with banks had begun in order to provide facilities for citizens wishing to purchase a TOGG car.

Nabati said that Ziraat, Vakif Bank, and Halkbank will provide the necessary loans and support to those wishing to acquire Togg, “without interest, if necessary,” as he put it.

With the opening of the Gemlik Automotive Facility in Turkey, eyes turned to March 2023. The energy cost of the national car, Togg, is a matter of curiosity as well as its price.

While electric cars are known to be more economical than fossil fuel vehicles, the cost of miles in a Togg is reduced by 75 percent.

400 TL charging station – If the Togg is full of household electricity, the current cost per kilowatt is 2.6 TL, at a high level.

Thus, if the Togg’s 90 kWh battery, which has a range of 500 km, is charged from home, the amount to be paid will amount to 235 lire.

If the car is charged from the charging station, the kilowatt unit value at the business level increases to 4.45 liras.

Comparison of the cost of charging a Togg electric car and a petrol car

If the Togg is filled up at the station, the cost goes up to 400 lira.

A petrol car covers 500 kilometers for 920 pounds,

And the diesel vehicle at a price of 745 pounds.

Standard 6 charging offers savings – 80 percent of the 90 kWh battery will be charged within 25 minutes with DC stations (50 kWh fast charging) to be opened all over Turkey by Trugo, Togg’s charging brand.

The cost of mobilizing Togg in DC stations will rise to 693 lira, with the current tariff of 7.7 lira per kWh.

And the cost of AC charging (normal charging 22 kWh), which takes 4 hours, is 6.5 TL per kilowatt.

Thus, with the Togg’s 90 kWh AC charging, the battery will be fully charged for 585 litres.

The electric Toug, which saves more than 36 percent on a regular charge, will cost 25 percent less on a quick charge than a gasoline-powered car.

Togg car charging stations

The stations are coming – 1,500 fast charging stations will be set up across Turkey using the Togg Trugo brand.

While it was decided to set up a station every 25 kilometers in dense areas, a radius of 50 kilometers will be taken as a basis in less frequent places.

There will be sockets at the installed terminals. This allows 3,000 vehicles to be charged at the same time.

The number of Togg car charging stations across Turkey
Currently, there are more than 4,000 charging stations in Turkey. Most of the charging stations, of which 1,500 are in private use, are in AC mode (normal charging is 22 kWh).

From Ankara to Istanbul at a cost of only 207 liras

With the 500 km version of Togg, a distance of 450 km between Istanbul and Ankara can be covered for 207 liras.

If you go from one end of Turkey to the other, that is, from Edirne to Kars, and if express shipping is used, two thousand liras will be spent for a distance of 1671 kilometers.

Currently, the Istanbul-Ankara bus ticket price for one person is 300 TL.

Flight tickets can be found in the range of 450-500 lira.

The price of a bus ticket from Edirne to Kars exceeds 1,000 liras.

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