May 29, 2023

Turkey map surrounding country. Map of Turkey and surrounding countries (Western Asia – Asia) to print. Map of Turkey and surrounding countries (Western Asia – Asia) to download. Turkey borders eight countries as shown in the map of Turkey and surrounding countries: Bulgaria to the northwest; and Greece to the west; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan from Nakhichevan to the east; and Iraq and Syria to the southeast. the Mediterranean is to the south; the Aegean Sea is to the west; And the Black Sea to the north. 12. The Sea of ​​Marmara, the Bosporus, and the Dardanelles (which together form the Turkish Straits) demarcate the borders between Thrace and Anatolia; It also separates Europe and Asia.

Turkey country map surrounding countries

Land border of Tula Turkey: 2,627 km (1,632 mi). Turkey’s surrounding countries as you can see in the map locate Turkey and the surrounding countries: Greece 206 [كم] (128 [مي]), Bulgaria 240 [كم] (149 [مي] ), Georgia 252 [كم] (157 [مي] Armenia 268 km (167 mi), Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan) 9 km (6 mi), Iran 499 km (310 mi), Iraq 331 km (206 mi), Syria 822 km (511 mi). Frontiers with Greece were confirmed by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, which resolved continuing territorial and territorial claims involving areas in Thrace and provided for an exchange of populations (see: War of Independence). Under the agreement, most members of the large Romani-speaking community in western Turkey were forced to resettle in Greece, while the majority of the Turkic-speaking population of Thrace who were not forced out during the Balkan wars were deported to Turkey.

The border with Bulgaria was confirmed by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923. The Treaty of Keser Sirin in 1638 confirmed the border with Iran as indicated in the map of Turkey and the surrounding countries. The Treaty of Angora (Ankara) confirmed borders with Iraq in 1926. Turkey’s two southern neighbors, Iraq and Syria, were part of the Ottoman Empire until 1918. Syria did not accept Turkey’s border with Syria. As a result of the Treaty of Lausanne, the former Ottoman sanjak (province) of Alexandretta (present-day Hatay Province) was ceded to France, which administered it on behalf of the League of Nations.

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