May 29, 2023

Today, Wednesday, the Algerian Community Forum in Turkey announced a pleasant surprise for Algerians and the rest of the Arab communities, related to reopening the door to renewing tourist residencies.

The forum stated in a statement on its official Facebook page that the Immigration Department in Istanbul, and after the last meeting with the representatives of the forum, had fulfilled its promise and issued an official document allowing the renewal of tourist residence for Arab communities in Turkey.


The forum published a copy of the document, which stated: “After the instructions published by the Directorate of Migration Management regarding stopping the renewal of tourist residencies, and due to the special circumstances due to the Corona epidemic, and because most members of the communities were unable to leave Turkey due to the closure of the airports, which made them permanent residents.” illegal according to Turkish law.”

The document indicated that the “decree not to renew the short-term tourist residence permit has been officially suspended until further notice,” adding that “for people who will submit a request for renewal of tourist residence, or whose residence or visa expired within a period of less than 10 days, they can review the immigration directorates in their cities of residence.

And she continued, “For people who have exceeded the 10-day deadline, after the expiration date of their residence permit or visa, they can review the immigration directorates, without holding them accountable, provided that the announced deadline is not exceeded.”

In exclusive statements to the head of the Algerian Community Forum in Turkey, Hudhaifa Jabbari, yesterday, Tuesday, to the “New Turk Post” agency, he confirmed that the Director General of the Immigration Department in Istanbul, Recep Batou, had given them the good news regarding reopening the door to applying for the renewal of tourist residence for Algerians and the rest of the communities. In Arabic, within the framework of the visit of the representatives of the Algerian Forum to the office of the Director, to introduce the Forum and its activities and to inform Patou about the various problems that the Algerian community suffers from, especially the problem of renewing the tourist residence.

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