May 29, 2023

Events take place The series Once upon a time in Chukurova, episode 92 Bir Zamanlar Çukurova in the 1970s.

The events of the work revolve around the period 1970 AD, in the city of Adana in the Black Sea, there is one of the largest families of Chukurova, whose husband died, and she tried to run her farm alone, her name is (Hankar), she has one son named (Demir), he is a man who loves to dominate, dominate and control his work And he dreams of taking over everything from his mother. On the other hand, Demir Zulila falls in love with a girl, and she is in love with a man named (Yilmar).

With the passage of time, Demir falls in love with Zuleikha, and with her ignoring, his desire to get her increases, and from here the conflicts within the series begin.

Between Yilmaz and Demir, Yilmaz entered prison, and Demir married Zelikha at that time, so that Yilmaz got out of prison with the intention of avenging his beloved and her marriage to Demir.

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