May 25, 2023

The Turkish Supreme Council for Religious Affairs has set the amount of zakat al-Fitr at 70 Turkish liras for Ramadan 2023. 30 TL more than last year.

The Muslim population of Turkey is preparing to receive the blessed month of Ramadan, in which worship such as fasting, Tarawih, breaking the fast and reciting the Qur’an will be held during the next few days, including the Syrians who have sought refuge in Turkey to escape the regime’s bombing of their cities and neighborhoods for 12 years.

Questions arise in the minds of the Syrians about the date of the first day of Ramadan, its duration, and the value of the “fitrah” in Turkey, which was answered by the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs, explaining that the first Tarawih prayer will be on March 22, provided that the first day of Ramadan will be on the next day, March 23. .

According to the calculations of the Presidency of Religious Affairs at the Supreme Council for Religious Affairs for the lunar months, the blessed month of Ramadan for this year will be 29 days, as the crescent of the month of Shawwal will be seen on the evening of the twenty-ninth day of Ramadan, provided that the happy Eid al-Fitr will be on the 21st of next April.

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