May 31, 2023

A person residing in Belgium booked a hotel he liked in Turkey via a website to spend his vacation in, where he paid 42 thousand and 900 Turkish liras, but he suffered the shock of his life when he went to the hotel he booked in Turkey and did not find any reservation in his name.

According to the information obtained, F.E., who resides in Belgium, provided the bank account number of the person who contacted him after filling out the reservation form for the holiday site he found on the Internet.

Then he transferred 42,900 TL to the specified account number, and while he was going to Trabzon for his vacation, he went to the hotel he had booked.

However, the hotel staff did not find any official reservation in his name and told him that the site was fake, then the tourist went to the Arakli district police headquarters in Trabzon and complained about the suspicious person or the people who defrauded him.

And while the police teams began working on the people related to the incident, the authorities indicated that cases in this direction are increasing, especially in the summer season, and called on citizens to exercise caution.

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