May 31, 2023

The Arab countries will receive, after less than two weeks, the blessed month of Ramadan 1444-2023 AH, and the question raised every year and with the approach of the holy month, when will Ramadan begin, and when will be the day of sighting the crescent of Ramadan 2023-1444 AH?.

The methods and methods of observing the new moon differ from one country to another, which generates a clear difference in determining the beginning of the lunar months.

The date of the month of Ramadan 2023 – 1444 e Astrological predictions

According to expectations, the crescent of the month of Ramadan 1444-2023 is expected to be sighted, on the 29th of the month of Sha’ban, corresponding to March 22, 2023.

According to a study conducted by the Arab Weather website, according to astronomical studies, it is expected that the moon will set before the sun in most Arab countries.

In this case, seeing the crescent is impossible, which makes most Arab countries declare on Wednesday, March 22, the last day of the month of Sha`ban, and on Thursday, March 23, the first day of the blessed Ramadan.

Fatih Ramadan 2023 in Morocco

Seeing the revenues of the lunar months in Morocco is through the naked eye, as Morocco relies on the process of observing the crescents; To appoint official observers deployed in more than 270 observation points throughout the territory of the Kingdom, as on the 28th of each month, the Ministry of Awqaf announces the invitation to observe the crescent on the 29th by official delegates.

The rooting of the sighting of the crescent in Morocco

Dr. Mustafa Benhamza, Chairman of the Scientific Council in Oujda and Director of the Islamic Baath Institute for Sharia Sciences in Oujda, confirms that vision with the naked eye is a legitimate basis that cannot be neglected or dispensed with, but the jurists unanimously agree that the correct vision with the naked eye is what paves the way for astronomical calculations, in order to avoid all visions The delusional..” It is clear that astronomical calculations give traffic signals, whether or not they can see.

Sighting the crescent of Ramadan in Morocco.. The Moroccan approach

The Kingdom of Morocco is one of the best countries in the field of observing the crescent, and indeed the most accurate and reliable in the world.

It has not been recorded for decades that Morocco made a mistake in observing the crescent, which makes the percentage of doubt about the Moroccan methodology for monitoring the observation of the crescent.

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