May 1, 2023

Egyptian media reported that Egypt ranked first in the world in the production of dates at a rate of 1748 tons per year, surpassing Saudi Arabia and Iran in its production.

Dates with a high marketing value required by international markets are currently being produced, especially the dates produced from the national project for the establishment of the largest date palm farm in the world on an area of ​​​​40 thousand acres in Toshka, where the statistics confirm a continuous and noticeable increase in the number of total and fruitful palms reaching 3 million and 600 thousand palm tree.

And the highest governorates in the production of dates in Egypt came, in order, Aswan, the New Valley, Giza, Sharkia, and Buhaira, with 15.5 million palm trees, on a total area of ​​​​about 135 thousand acres, representing the total area planted with palm trees in the governorates of Egypt.

Although Egypt has not yet recovered from the palm weevil that affected the trees several years ago, it is considered the largest producer of dates in the world, as it matches both Saudi Arabia and Iran in the volume of production. This is according to the statistics and data of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter in terms of quantity, with total exports equivalent to 318,000 tons annually, at a value of $325 million. In terms of consumption, the Sultanate of Oman witnesses the highest per capita consumption rate in the world, equivalent to about 50 kilograms per person annually.

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