May 29, 2023

The Baba Al-Majal series, episode four, is searched for by thousands of citizens every day, after showing the first episode of the Baba Al-Majal series, which won the admiration of many audiences.

It came within the events of the Baba al-Majal series, Mostafa Shaaban’s signature and his confession to the murder charges that he did not file, so that they would let him watch his mother in the hospital and check on her, but they entered him into the cell.

Baba al-Majal series, episode 4

And when Mustafa Shaaban entered the cell, he fought with his performers who were in prison, and decided to cut his arteries so that they would detain him in the hospital, and he would go to see his mother, at the end of the events of the Baba Al-Majal series, episode three.

The audience is watching the Baba Al-Majal series, Episode 3, which is shown within the Ramadan 2023 series, and the audience is searching for the date of the presentation of the Baba Al-Majal series, Episode 3 in full, by the star Mustafa Shaaban.

The events of the Baba Al-Majal series

The events of the series “Baba Al-Majal” revolve around a young man who trades in auto parts and starts his life from scratch. Baba field, due to his sophistication, skill and excellence in his field of work.

To watch the rest of the episodes and series, click here

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