May 31, 2023

“I do not expect an increase in the minimum wage, and there will be no temporary increase in the minimum wage soon,” Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin said on Monday.

And he had announced the minimum wage, which will be in effect in 2023, last January and said: “If necessary, we will not hesitate to raise it in the transitional period.”

The minimum wage for the year 2023 rose to a total of 10 thousand 8 thousand 506 net Turkish liras.

On Wednesday, Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin announced that they are working on alternative models that would increase minimum pensions and holiday bonuses.

“We will present the study to our president at the beginning of next week at the latest on alternative methods and models for increasing the minimum wage,” Vedat Bilgin said, in statements during his visit to the Turkish Retirement Association.

He added, “We protect our employees, our collective bargaining institution is an important mechanism in this regard, and there is no such regulation in the workers’ legislation, and we must fulfill it with the state’s social responsibility.”

And he continued: “We have alternative models whose alternative work will raise the lowest pension. In addition, there are vacation bonuses that retirees receive. We have studies that evaluate them. I have studied in detail an arrangement that gives retirees a sigh of relief.”

He indicated that it was postponed for a while because of the earthquake, but I will present it to our president during this week, next week at the latest, and I believe that our proposals that will help retirees breathe easily and protect the economy from damage today will be positively evaluated by our president and this work will provide great comfort in the lives of all retirees.

He explained that there is a study on the minimum wage for a limited area, and I will share it with the public upon completion. There are those who start from 5,000 and pay installments of up to 9,000 days. There are 9 thousand to 7 thousand 200 installment days, and what we say to the public is very clear, what does it mean to be Stuck in the retirement age the law has fallen behind, this has caused suffering. The rule of law does not back down, it has eliminated it. Let us respect the pensioners. We are talking about making arrangements in the form of reforms related to the pensioners.

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