June 1, 2023

Air traffic stopped at Ben Gurion Airport, seaports were closed, and the strike paralyzed the health sector, following the judicial amendments that the occupation government intends to adopt, amid news of Benjamin Netanyahu’s reluctance to announce its suspension for fear of the disintegration of his ruling coalition, which is based on far-right parties that request these modifications.

Leaders of the protests against the government’s plan to target the judiciary announced Monday that “the state will be paralyzed” until the plan’s legislation is halted, and called for a demonstration outside the Knesset building.

This comes the day after a tumultuous night that followed Netanyahu’s announcement of the dismissal of the Minister of Security, Yoav Gallant, during which demonstrators closed streets and central junctions, and confrontations took place between them and the police forces, who dispersed them by force.

No confidence
On Monday, Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government survived a motion of no-confidence submitted by the opposition in protest against the judicial amendments adopted by the government.

The Speaker of the Knesset announced that the proposal was rejected by 59 votes in favor, to 53 in favor.

Meanwhile, the Doctors Syndicate announced, on Monday, a complete strike in the health system, including all government hospitals and clinics, until the government’s plan to weaken the judiciary is halted and a dialogue is held with its opponents about it.

The head of the Doctors Syndicate, Zion Hagai, said, “The strike will stop when a clear and agreed-upon plan is formulated to ensure the preservation of patients’ rights in the health system.” He added, “A democratic system and an independent judiciary are the basis for a healthy society and a developed health system. It is time to say: enough is enough.

This comes after the head of the Histadrut (Union of Workers), Arnon Bar-David, threatened to announce a comprehensive strike in economic facilities in the event that he did not announce the suspension of judicial legislation on Monday, and demanded that Netanyahu retract his dismissal of Galant.

The head of the Ben Gurion Airport Staff Committee, Pinhas Idan, announced that starting Monday morning, no planes will take off from the airport. The Local Government Center also joined the strike, and the head of the Local Government Center, Haim Pepes, who is close to Netanyahu, said that “there will be no public reception, and tomorrow there will be no aid in kindergartens, camps, or anything else.”

Hesitation to freeze adjustments
And while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held discussions last night with the heads of the coalition parties, and the Shas party and the “United Torah Judaism” bloc, as well as ministers in the Likud, announced their support for suspending the legislation of the judicial plan, the Law and Constitution Committee met in the Knesset, Monday, and finally approved the amendment that Aims for coalition control over the appointment of judges. A special committee in the Knesset approved “Derei Law 2,” which prevents the Supreme Court from interfering with decisions to appoint ministers, in preparation for a vote on it in the second and third readings. Deri asked not to approve the final law now.

The Religious Zionist Party, headed by Bezalel Smotrich, opposed a possible suspension of the legislation, while Otzma Yehudit head Itamar Ben Gvir called for the vote to continue.

Attention is drawn to a speech that Netanyahu is expected to deliver on Monday, but it was postponed until further notice, after night deliberations about a possible cancellation of the judicial plan legislation. Meanwhile, the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee in the Knesset will hold a meeting on “The Consequences of Social Tensions in the State of Israel on the Security Apparatus.”

And the Israeli Channel 12 said that Netanyahu postponed on Monday making a statement in which he was expected to announce the cessation of the controversial judicial amendments, after a partner in the ruling coalition urged him not to back down.

The Israeli Army General Staff is holding a meeting under the leadership of the Army Chief of Staff, Herzi Halevi, to discuss the recent developments in the security apparatus, as the phenomenon of refusing military service in the reserve forces has expanded and the fear of this transfer to the regular forces, and to discuss the consequences of Galant’s dismissal.

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