May 3, 2023

Haret al-Qobba series 3, episode 10, ten, It is one of the most famous and most watched series by fans of Syrian and Arab drama, and it is one of the series that deals with social issues during the French occupation.

The story of the Dome Lane series, Part Three

The story of the series, Haret al-Qobba, revolves around the time of the French occupation of Syria in 1945, and what this period included in terms of intertwining social relations, and the existence of many social and humanitarian problems and conflicts in the circumstances of the occupation, which was dealing with the Syrian people with violence, and at gunpoint.

The Dome Lane series, new tournaments

What distinguishes the Haret al-Qobba series most of all is its ability to create a coherent story that is very similar to the new stories that we hear in Syria, told by the great old men of that era. A way to convincingly simulate this intangible legacy is considered an achievement for the series.

The mythical aspect of the popular series’ story is generated through the fantasies of “Umm Al-Ezz”, who believes from the beginning that the trust fund holds a sad spirit inside it, and when “Abu Al-Ezz” hides the box inside one of the walls.

Watch the series Haret al-Qobba 3, episode 10

Ramadan series are among the most important annual events for Arab families, and they are an opportunity to gather and enjoy free time together.

Watching the series is more exciting. Shahid presented a list of the best Egyptian, Arab and Gulf series, in addition to the entertainment factors, the series Haret al-Qobba 3, episode 6, sixth.

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