May 2, 2023

Since the beginning of this year, the state of Antalya, the capital of Turkish tourism overlooking the Mediterranean, has witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of European tourists coming to it.

Antalya continues to receive millions of local and foreign tourists, as the number of its visitors since the beginning of the year has reached more than 5 million tourists.

On the first day of Eid al-Adha, Antalya International Airport broke a record after witnessing the organization of 1034 flights, 913 of which were on international lines.

The number of European tourists coming to Antalya has increased significantly, and the Germans have surpassed the Russians in this regard, who have been the most visited Turkish state for years.

During the first half of this year, Antalya received 954,998 German tourists, while 785,000 Russian tourists visited the state.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Arsene Yazigi, the governor of Antalya, expressed their happiness at the significant increase in the number of European tourists coming to the state.

He added that they seek to host tourists from all countries of the world, in a move to diversify the tourism market.

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