May 7, 2023

Among several Syrian dramas, many are searching for details related to the series “Breaking Bones 2, Episode 12”, which is a contemporary social drama series.

The series was written by Ali Al-Saleh, directed by Rasha Sharbatji, and produced by Clacket Media, and it is one of the most prominent series in the 2023 Ramadan drama race.

Bone fracture series 2

Many people are looking for a date for the show of the series “Kasr Osn” and the channels that transmit it, and fans of the Egyptian drama series are waiting for the date of the series “Kasr Osn”, which is considered one of the interesting works of art that found a lot of popularity after showing yesterday’s episode.

It should be noted that it was revealed that the company that produced the series Breaking Bones season one started the actual preparation stage for the second season, and revealed the changes that will take place in the series for the new season.

Bone fracture 2 episode 12

The series “Kasr Bone” – the second part, under the title “The Catacombs”, produced by Iyad Ibrahim Al-Najjar, writer Hilal Al-Ahmad, screenplay and dialogue by Rand Hadid, directed by Kinan Iskandarani, supervised by Hoda Saad.

Rasheed will appear as the hero of “Breaking Bones 2”, in which he will present the character “Kanaan”, while a number of actors who previously appeared in him will continue, most notably: Karam Al-Shaarani, Yazan Al-Sayed, Ismail Maddah, and Shadi Al-Safadi.

Bone Broken Series 2 Episode 12

It is also likely that the appearance of the Syrian actor Ahmed Al-Ahmad will be a surprise to the series.
Assaf was a candidate for the first round before announcing his withdrawal due to the lack of coordination of filming dates, with another work he was filming at the same time.

To watch the rest of the episodes and series, click here

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