May 4, 2023

The Turkish General Administration of Immigration made it possible for Syrian refugees to book an appointment to apply for exceptional citizenship via the Internet.

Ibrahim Hassan of the Canadian Group for Real Estate Consulting said that the Immigration Department has added a new item to the website for taking appointments to review the Foreigners Division, which is the application for exceptional citizenship.

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He indicated that other items were added, such as fixing the phone number and e-mail.

He said, “In order to apply for citizenship, you must fill out the items on the website, print the date, and go on the specified date with the identification papers.”

He pointed out that there may be pressure on the site at the present time due to the high turnout of Syrian citizens, calling for an attempt at later times.

Below is the link

It is noteworthy that the Turkish Directorate of Immigration recently made an update on the appointment booking website to update the “Kimlik” data, with the aim of addressing the monopoly of brokers and sparing Syrians the need for them.

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