May 3, 2023

A previous history of a positive test for Corona includes evidence of infection with the virus. However, it may also happen that the patient is asymptomatic and although there are antibody tests that can confirm this, experts said that there are better ways or signs to check for this.

There are 8 signs that indicate infection with Corona already without knowing it, and doctors also believe that some of these signs can also appear in the form of long-term symptoms of Corona, or they may be present months after the initial bout of infection.

red eyes

Red eyes and conjunctivitis are common with many viral infections, and a number of ophthalmologists have now raised increasing concern that red eyes with secretions are common in Corona cases, but this sign can be forgotten because it is not a classic sign of the Corona virus.

What makes the redness of the eye infected with Corona different from other viral infections is that in the case of Corona, the eye infection can be secondary with other signs such as fever or headache. Corona.

brain fog

Corona is known to cause repercussions on memory and cognition, and some even reported that they suffer from memory loss and difficulty in doing routine work, so feeling disoriented, imbalance, difficulty concentrating or just remembering things can also be complications of Corona.

While brain fog can also stem from other medical issues, such as your inability to focus sharply, remember things or do simple daily tasks, without any reason.

unusual cough

Coughing is one of the most prominent signs of infection with the Coronavirus, as it is suspected that the virus mainly attacks the upper respiratory tract.

While a “dry” cough is more common, COVID-19 survivors also report that the bout of coughing they experience with infection may be different and usually more persistent, change in voice and difficult to control coughing which can also be a chronic symptom that can It lasts for weeks or a few months.

Another sign of a coronavirus cough is that it probably lasts for more than half a day, unlike a normal cough that can come and go.

A rise in temperature

While a fever is not a prominent sign in all cases of COVID-19, those who see themselves with a fever with an infection usually have a high temperature that can range from 37.22 to 39.44 The temperature can also come and go, lasting for more than 4-5 days in a row, and is likely to be accompanied by chills and tremors.

Sudden loss of smell or taste

It is a now widely known fact that the coronavirus can disturb your primary olfactory senses and cause you to not taste food or smell certain odors.

Some people can also experience sensory impairment long before other classic COVID-19 symptoms appear, and are therefore unaware of their diagnosis.

Doctors are now also warning patients to watch out for weak or phantom odors. If you have likely experienced a distorted odor, such as the smell of something strange and unusual with routine foods/smells without prior cause, it could also be a sign of COVID-19.

shortness of breath

Difficulties in breathing and shortness of breath are common complications associated with a viral infection, and experiencing this may also be a sign that you may have coronavirus without knowing it.

Shortness of breath, as it is known medically, can be accompanied by sudden chest tightness, heart palpitations, and rapid breathing. It is an alert sign that you may have contracted Corona before. However, it is more common in the elderly and people who may suffer from one or more diseases.

Digestive problems

There is now an association between Corona and the occurrence of stomach pain, and people may suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms of Corona, such as diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, and loss of appetite.

Fatigue and tiredness

Fatigue is a common symptom experienced by coronavirus patients as well as those recovering from the virus. If you are unable to perform tasks, and you have physical aches and pain that may last for 3-4 days, then it can be considered a possible sign of your previous infection with Corona.

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