May 3, 2023

Viewers who are fans of the series are waiting for the series, The Flower of the Trinity, episode 68, as it is one of the most watched Turkish series, and we will provide viewers who are fans of the romantic Turkish drama, the series, The Flower of the Trinity, translated into Arabic, in order for Arab viewers to enjoy watching the events of the series, The Flower of the Trinity.

In the new episode that we are watching today, we see that Miran submits a marriage proposal to Rayan, and he meets with approval, and she begins to prepare all the details of the legendary wedding that testifies to a violent love story, and love emerges after enmity, and at the end of the episode, Rayan is shocked when she learns that her pregnancy will not be completed. And she must abort the child, because if she keeps him, he will kill her.

The events of the Trinity Flower series revolve around the story of Miran, who was born an orphan and raised by his grandmother, Aziza, and cultivated in him the spirit of revenge for his parents, who were killed by (Hazar Shadoglu), as his grandmother Aziza claims. He remains in this state until the time comes to take revenge on the Shadoglu family, who married Ryan Shad. Oglu after entering his heart somewhat, but his grandmother reminded him of his revenge, so he left her the next day for the reason of revenge, so his heart did not obey him by doing that, so he returned to her, and from here begins the story of impossible love between the hammer and the anvil, and we will now provide you with the series Çiçek Trinity.

A group of Turkish stars are participating in the Turkish drama, including Ibru Shahin, Farid Stein, Cahed Gök, Günesh Hayat, Serdar Ozer, Gökhan Yavuz, Majid Sonkan, Youssef Bedir, and a number of other actors who are being followed by millions of users of social networks and websites and are following the news of the participants. In dramas with the aim of seeing them firsthand and sharing them with friends and family.

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