May 5, 2023

The Syrian-Turkish joint committee said that the Turkish Immigration Department did not allocate a system for booking appointments to apply for exceptional citizenship, stressing that the issue was “not properly understood.”

And the committee stated, in a press statement, that “the Immigration Department has updated the appointment booking website to update the data related to the temporary protection identity (Kimlik).”

She explained that the addition of the “exceptional nationality” field is for Syrians who submitted their papers to obtain exceptional nationality, with the aim of updating or completing their previously submitted information and data, and not to apply for exceptional nationality.

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She indicated that the Immigration Department will make an amendment to the appointment booking website regarding this matter, which was misunderstood.

And the pioneers of social networking sites circulated information stating that the website of the Turkish General Directorate of Immigration added a window to choose a date for applying for exceptional citizenship when booking electronically to conduct Kimlik transactions.

The system for booking appointments for updating Kimlik data included a new field entitled “Reason for Appointment”, and it contains six options, namely, registering a residence address, transferring Kimlik records to another state, obtaining a certificate of proof of marriage, voluntary return, updating personal data, and applying for exceptional Turkish citizenship. .

The Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee was formed on the initiative of the “Syrian National Coalition” and the Turkish Ministry of Interior, in July 2019, with the aim of following up on the affairs of Syrian refugees in Turkey and addressing their situation.

From the Turkish side, the committee includes the Turkish Deputy Minister of Interior, the head of the Immigration Department, and a number of senior officials in the ministry. On the Syrian side, it is supervised by the head of the Coalition, and includes officials of the relevant files in the Coalition.

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The number of Syrian refugees in Turkey is about 3.6 million, while the number of those who obtained exceptional citizenship is about 93 thousand, according to the latest statement by the Turkish Minister of Interior, Suleiman Soylu.

While hundreds of Syrian candidates for exceptional Turkish citizenship were surprised by the appearance of a message on the nationality tracking website, informing them of the removal of their naturalization files, without explaining the reasons for the removal, on the 24th of last August.

Source: Syria TV

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