May 20, 2023

In the new episode, every person in the company tries to keep customers in the company through comic situations that bring together its employees, amid mutual conflicts between them so that each one gets a privileged position in the company, and the new episode will be shown next Tuesday evening on the Turkish Star TV channel at Eight o’clock Cairo local time, nine o’clock Saudi time, ten o’clock UAE local time, the series “Contact my business manager”, episode 34.

Series Call My Business Manager Episode 34

Call My Manager is the Arabic version of the famous French series, Call My Manager, which achieved great success when it was shown in 2015, and its events revolve around a group of people who work inside a large company in which some managers work perfectly in order to maintain their Their clients are the rich businessman, and the company’s reputation is preserved and the position it occupies among other companies. The owner of the company dies, and conflicts begin between its employees, and events follow.

The episodes of the series “Contact my Business Manager” are shown on Tuesday of every week on the Turkish STAR TV channel at exactly eight o’clock Saudi time, seven o’clock Egyptian time, and the episodes of the series are shown with Arabic subtitles to better follow the events of the series in the countries of the Arab world that are considered the most countries that follow Turkish series, And fans of the series everywhere are waiting for the date of the presentation of episode 14 of the series, which won the admiration of millions.

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