May 20, 2023

Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Issa, said on Monday that his country’s government has approved the issuance of a multi-use 5-year visa, as part of efforts to boost the inbound tourism industry.

And the Egyptian minister stated in a press conference held today, that “it was agreed to issue a multi-entry visa for a period of 5 years, with a value of $ 700, and the start of its activation will be announced soon.”

The minister approved a package of measures to facilitate the movement of incoming foreign tourism, which included a decision to facilitate the entry of Iranian tourism, as well as other facilities for Chinese, Indian, Moroccan and Algerian nationals.

He said, “There are efforts to advance the tourism industry in Egypt, including facilities and facilitations for obtaining an electronic visa to enter Egypt.”

The number of foreign tourism arrivals to Egypt during 2022 reached nearly 11.7 million male and female tourists, with an expected growth of incoming tourism to Cairo by 28 percent during 2023.

According to the minister, the Chinese market is among the promising markets, and the Chinese coming to Egypt can obtain an emergency entry visa from the Egyptian ports of entry and airports, even if they come individually.

And he added, “The new facilities for the tourist visa to Egypt will also include expatriates from Iraq and Indians who hold residency in the Gulf countries, and Schengen visas, as well as expatriates from the countries of America, Japan, Britain, New Zealand, and Canada.”

Regarding Iranian tourism, Issa said during the conference that its citizens will obtain tourist visas upon their arrival at airports in southern Sinai, within certain controls and conditions.

Among the conditions set by the ministry, the Iranian tourist coming to Egypt will obtain a visa if he is part of tourist groups coming from the same country.

Likewise, the conditions include obtaining a visa for Iranian tourists through tourist groups organized by companies that coordinate in advance to the trip with the Egyptian side.

Inbound tourism to Egypt improved during the first two months of this year, by 30 percent on an annual basis,” without providing figures from the minister.

He said, “Although the number of tourists decreased during the last period from Russia and Ukraine, due to the war, on the other hand, it witnessed a significant increase from the countries of America, France, Italy and Britain.”

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