May 5, 2023

The Bomb Youth series 11, which is one of the most satirical and entertaining Arab comedy series, and is considered among the most popular and widespread artworks in recent years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Bomb Youth 11 Episode 12

The series was produced by a group of young people in the Kingdom, and the series includes a group of short episodes that deal with various topics, are characterized by humor and excitement, and discuss many issues that many young people go through in the Arab countries in particular.

The episode included several comic situations that won the admiration of the series’ followers, and this was reflected in their comments and posts on various social media platforms.

And Faisal Al-Essa had announced that the serial work reaps millions of views in just one day, so the audience’s comments on his post poured in with congratulations and that this work deserves.

The date of the show, Shabab Al-Bomb series 11, episode 12

The series “Shabab Al-Bomb” is shown daily during the month of Ramadan via the Gulf Rotana channel, at exactly 6:40 pm Mecca Al-Mukarramah time, and the frequency of the Gulf Rotana channel can be obtained through the symbols that you will find available below.

To watch the rest of the episodes and series, click here

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