May 7, 2023

Fans of the Egyptian series shown in Ramadan 2023 are also waiting to watch the famous comedy series Al-Kabeer Oy 7, Part Seven, Episode 14, starring the artist Ahmed Makki, Rahma Ahmed Farag, Bayoumi Fouad and other Egyptian artists, and it will be shown in the Ramadan 2023 series.

And the series Al-Kabeer Oy, Part Seven, Episode 15, presents what Johnny will do after his decision to be a regional theater from the village of Al-Mazarita, after watching a number of online courses.

The Great Oy 7 episode 15

And during the events of the series Al-Kabir Awy 7, Episode 15, and during the events of Al-Kabeer series, Far 7, episode 15 “Al-Kabeer” arranges to spend another honeymoon with his wife to solve these problems, and during the events of the Al-Kabeer series Away 7, Episode 15 He secretly went to a tour operator to surprise her with that trip, but she met him and accused him of treason. Al-Kabir got angry with her and was about to divorce her, but Johnny intervened. She advises them to go to a marriage counselor named “Jamila”, where “Johnny” tries to find himself and work as a “life coach”. in Al-Mazarita.

Showtimes and reruns of the Great Oy 7 series

The series Al-Kabir Oi 7, Part VII, will be shown on ON channels at exactly 6:15 pm, and repeats at 12:30 after midnight, 6:30 am, and 12:30 noon, and it will also be shown on the Art Tales channel at 6:00. 10, and it will be repeated at 12:30 after midnight, in addition to being shown on the “What It” and “Watch” and “On Drama” platforms.

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