May 8, 2023

While we all like to think we can know the condition of those closest to us, the scary truth is that we don’t know everything that goes on in the lives of even some of the people closest to us.

You simply only know as much as others want to show you.

The staggering rates of untreated depression and even suicide are proof of the need to check on our loved ones.

But how can signs of unhappiness be detected when someone is trying to hide it?

Here are 7 warning signs that may be a strong indicator of unhappiness or sadness:


Whether it’s through humor, sarcasm, or just outright rejection, when someone is secretly unhappy, you’ll start to notice how often they ignore questions and serious conversation.

He might stop talking about anything important that’s going on in his life and stop trusting you, apparently for no reason.

Even when you know the reason (for example, failing a class, or dealing with a divorce), you can’t get him to come forward and share.

At best, he’ll brush it off or make fun of it, or make some witty remark that makes it seem like it doesn’t matter at all to him.

useful acronym

Another common method that people tend to use to get away from topics they don’t feel comfortable talking about is to give short answers.

So, if you notice that your friend or family member talks a lot and acts ruder than usual, this should be the first clue that something is wrong.

Has he stopped talking to you or texting you? Does he remain uncharacteristically quiet in conversations?

Apathy and lack of interest is one of the first signs of depression, according to Phsych2go.

Cancellation of appointments

Does your loved one cancel plans or meet up a lot? Does he miss school, be late to turn in assignments, or even attend favorite games or exercise classes?

Try talking to him about it and asking him why, even if his reasons seem reasonable and he reassures you that everything is fine, watch him closely.

sleep a lot

Excessive sleep is one of the most obvious symptoms of depression – according to the medical website Webmed – just as with insomnia (the inability to sleep), any major disturbance in a person’s sleep pattern that is believed to have a psychological cause is most likely due to strong feelings of depression.

People often fall asleep when they feel lost, empty, and unmotivated to get out of bed and do anything in their lives.

Even more telling is that although a depressed person may spend most of the day sleeping and lying in bed, they will still feel tired and without energy.

signs of unhappiness
People often fall asleep when they feel lost, empty, and unmotivated to get out of bed. / Unsplash

unit preference

As if the person gradually puts a distance between you and him, and he may move from canceling appointments to not planning them in the first place.

And though they might tell you something else, the real reason behind it is loneliness, so he stops posting online and responding to messages and calls, as he withdraws emotionally and isolates himself from others as a way to deal with the unhappiness he’s struggling to suppress.

Increased shyness

Someone who was once confident and energetic suddenly changes, the smile disappears, and he stops dressing up or taking into account his outward appearance.

He wears clothes he can hide in (baggy sweatpants, an oversized sweater) and doesn’t like to draw attention to himself.

And you see him walking quietly with small steps, and he usually looks at the ground while walking broken, as if he wants to occupy the smallest space possible.

Resentment easily

Finally, and perhaps the most important sign is that he is easily and quickly upset in an unusual way.

It is likely that there is some emotional turmoil that he is trying to hide from others.

He may suddenly attack those around him or become quick to cry.

And the moment you try to calm him down, he insists that everything is fine.

If a friend or family member exhibits one of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to them and offer them a helping hand.

Give him a listening ear and reassure him that you are there for him during these difficult times.

Source: Arab Post – Agencies

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