May 29, 2023

The Istanbul Chocolate Museum Pelit Çikolata Müzesi is considered one of the best places in Istanbul, Turkey, and it is a favorite destination for Istanbul tourists and for the family in particular, as it is one of the most important tourist places for children in Istanbul

The Istanbul Chocolate Museum is located within the Plate Chocolate Factory on an area of ​​​​25,000 square meters and consists of 4 main halls that include figures and models made of chocolate in an exquisite shape. This museum is considered one of the most important museums in Istanbul.

Activities that can be done at the Istanbul Chocolate Museum

• Visit the first hall in the Istanbul Chocolate Museum, in which structures and figures of animals and landscapes such as trees and waterfalls are displayed. Do not forget to taste the hot chocolate from the chocolate waterfall located inside the Istanbul Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Museum in Istanbul

• Walking around the second hall in the Istanbul Chocolate Museum and enjoying watching models of the most famous landmarks in Istanbul, including the Bosphorus Bridge, Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmed Mosque, all made entirely of chocolate.

Chocolate Museum in Istanbul, TürkiyeChocolate Museum in Istanbul, Türkiye

• In the third hall of the Chocolate Museum in Istanbul, you can see figures of many historical and international personalities, in addition to Turkish personalities.

Istanbul Chocolate Museum

• As for the third hall in the Cocoa Museum in Istanbul, it is dedicated to children, as it displays figures of dolls and beloved cartoon characters such as Smurfs, Snow White, dwarfs and other characters that your children love and loved when we were young.

Istanbul Chocolate Museum

• You can learn how to make chocolate of its many types and shapes by following the work of the chefs in the chocolate factory in Istanbul

Chocolate factory in Istanbul

• Buy the most beautiful souvenirs, including models of Istanbul landmarks made of chocolate, or get some of the products of the chocolate factory in Istanbul

Galata Tower of Chocolate at the Istanbul Chocolate Museum

• After you finish touring the Chocolate Museum in Istanbul, you can go to more entertainment places in Istanbul such as the Aqua Dolphin Istanbul water park and spend time of incomparable entertainment in the water and wonderful games, or visit the nearby Akbati Mall Istanbul for shopping.

Opening hours of the Istanbul Chocolate Museum

From Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm.

Entry prices

Entrance price from 6 years old and above is 20 TL.

For children from 0 to 5 years old, admission is free.

Hotels near the Chocolate Museum in Istanbul

Nidia Esenyurt Hotel is among the cheap hotels in distinguished Istanbul, 1 km from the museum.

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