May 11, 2023

The Tunisian series “Al-Fallujah” is included among the dramas participating in the Ramadan 2023 map, and the work includes a distinguished group of young faces, and sheds light on a specific class and the extent of the impact of education on people’s lives, along with other issues that the episodes of the series witness successively, and we will show you the events of the Fallujah series. 20 xx.

Fallujah series episode 20

The events of the 18th episode of the Fallujah series revolve around a social comedy about mothers and their young children who live in adolescence.

They are brought together by several realistic and real events amid comic paradoxes.

The episode discusses the social problems that adolescents are exposed to, including the problem of delinquency and the strained relations between them and their teachers and families.

Fallujah heroes

Al-Fallujah series, starring: Tabeel Naima Al-Jani – Reem Al-Riahi – Sarah Al-Tunisi – Nassim Bourguiba – Muhammad Murad – Nidal Al-Saadi – Muhammad Ali Bin Jumaa – Shakira Ramah.

To watch the rest of the episodes and series, click here

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