May 12, 2023

Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey has become the latest cosmetic trend in recent years, and celebrities have been defending this trend with several stars, such as Katie Price and reality TV stars, traveling to Turkey to beautify their teeth, according to the “Liverpool Echo” newspaper.

British doctors explain why the British are so eager to go to Turkey that they have no other choice, because dentistry in the UK is often much more expensive than abroad, and patients find themselves on endless waiting lists.

The newspaper added that resorting to traveling abroad means that people can get the perfect smile at a fraction of the cost and spend a small vacation while they are at it.

A spokesman for the British Dental Association told the newspaper that costs are cheaper abroad because of the cost of living, citing the example of Turkey, saying: “The cost of living is cheaper, so this will be reflected in the prices charged.”

The reason the UK is facing long waiting lists for any dental treatment at the moment, the spokesperson explained: “The reasons people struggle to get an appointment in England are that the government only funds care for half the population and is therefore underfunded to meet demand.

According to the association: “Problems accessing the NHS dental clinic predate the coronavirus outbreak, but the pandemic has exacerbated long-standing concerns. 40 million appointments have been lost as a result of all the limitations of dental delivery, and it could take years to clear up.”

The association advised those wishing to undergo cosmetic dental surgery in Turkey to do several things:

Thoroughly research the clinic before making any contact.

Don’t be afraid to call and ask to speak with your advisor to make sure there is no language barrier and communication is clear.

ask the right questions; What materials do they work with? What qualifications do they possess? You can even go to the next step and contact the official party to make sure the information is correct.

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