May 11, 2023

Program Cine Season 2, Episode 21 .. Program Cine Episode 21 Ahmed Al Shugairi..Program Cine 2 Episode 21 Many people are wondering about the new episode of Sin Season 2.

Which is broadcast on the mbc channel screen and deals with various economic and social issues and is followed by many people in the Arab world and the world.

Sen program season two

came Ahmed Shuqairi In the second part of the program, clips were filmed from 13 countries around the world, and the first episode came as an introductory and teaser for the new part.

And the program comes through the position of witness and through the mbc channel at 6:10 Saudi time, so that the new season of “Seen” provides answers to very important questions on social, economic, life and many other issues.

Sin Ahmed Al-Shugairi program

and offer Ahmed Shuqairi Things he does and experiences for the first time, such as watching a cow giving birth right before his eyes, and he was also injured while chopping wood using a small ax after the ax fell on his leg.

As it turns out that he was traumatized when he tried to imitate firefighters in their duties, the presenter of the program also visited a spot that contains a rare phenomenon on the planet, which is sea water into snow.

And he speaks Shugairi In his program on many topics, including the 2022 World Cup, as well as the longest indoor waterfall in the world, the longest car manufacturing device in Africa, and the longest aluminum production lines in the world.

It deals with the largest vertical farm in the world, areas of improvement in the Arab world, food security, the importance of laughter for humans, rescuers behind the scenes, trees and afforestation, the aviation sector, and intellectual dilemmas.

The SEN program gained its name from the phrase “Q question”, which denotes the idea of ​​the program, and improvement always begins with a question, so this name came according to the definition Shugairi.

And he threw Shugairi It sheds light on many aspects that include 3 categories, namely the government sector, the private sector, and the voluntary sector.

The program discusses the idea of ​​improvement in its many aspects and deals with facts in which humans can restore achievements and successes through hope.

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