May 18, 2023

Atonement Episode 22, subtitled in high quality, on a love story, where fans of Turkish drama are awaiting the broadcast of the new episode of the Atonement series through a love story, which will include new events that will have wide reactions among viewers, especially young people and adolescents.

And the Atonement series has become, through a love story, topping the lists of the most watched series, according to the relevant website ratings.

The events of the Atonement series revolve around a stormy love story that brings together the rich young man “Hossam” and the beautiful girl “Maram” within the events of the romantic drama that brings to mind the dreamy romantic relationship that brought together “Muhannad and Nour” in the Atonement series, which achieved great public success with the Arab viewer after It was shown on the twentieth of January 2005 and continued until the sixteenth of June 2007.

A group of stars excelled in embodying their roles within the famous Turkish series, including Nur Gul Yesilkay, Mert Firat, Yurdir Okur, Munifer Demir Aysgul Cengir, directed by Masoud Errasan and written by Mahinur Ergun.

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