May 19, 2023

The suffering of millions of citizens in Turkey came to an end after the transfer of telephone and internet subscription cancellation services and similar contracts through the e-government portal.

Websites stated that this decision came after thousands of complaints that reached the Turkish parliament regarding the great difficulties that citizens suffer from when canceling subscriptions, and the difficulty increased with measures to combat the Corona virus.

The “Hyper Global” website indicated that Parliament sent a letter to the Information and Communications Technology Authority, stressing the necessity of facilitating citizens by terminating subscription contracts through e-government.

The e-government service has witnessed a great demand in the recent period, especially after the Turkish government provided an additional number of services through it.

Perhaps the most prominent of these is the service that allows tracing the origins by means of the family tree according to the Department of Souls up to the nineteenth century, i.e. since the start of the official registration of personal status in the Ottoman era, as well as the electronic inheritance service that allows searching for the possibility of an inheritance for the researcher according to the Turkish official restrictions.

Since the launch of e-government services in Turkey in December 2008, it has witnessed a rapid turnout and a large number of Turkish subscribers.

Source: Türkiye and the World Economy

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