May 18, 2023

Watch the series Al-Ajhar, episode 22, in full, in high definition, as the events of the series take place in a popular dramatic framework. Some of the brightest Egyptian drama stars also participate in the embodiment of his characters. He also won the admiration of many followers, thanks to his suspenseful story that revolves around accusing Al-Ajhar of killing his mother, presenting us with a work full of excitement and mystery. So we will get to know and through Türkiye Today website To watch the series, Al-Ajhar, episode 22, in full, in high definition.

The Al-Ajhar series, episode 22, the twenty-second – where the search is underway for the episode of the series to follow up on its events in Ramadan 2023.

On another site, we present to you the tweets of the Al-Ajhar series, episode 22, the twenty-second, which is shown on MBC, and whose events are accelerating.

The events of the series

After being falsely accused of killing his mother, a young man goes into hiding and continues his life outside the country. However, his return to his homeland in search of his family reveals dark secrets about his past.

In the first episode, young Youssef is kidnapped after escaping from the correctional center, but fate brings him together with El Saadawi after they save each other’s lives.

During the second, a group of gunmen raided the village, but Al-Ajhar quickly lured them into the forest. In an attempt to outwit his enemies in Egypt, Al-Ajhar fakes his own death.

During the third episode, Al-Saadawi reprimands Maeda for his actions against Al-Ahhar. She accuses Jamila of stealing. Love blossoms between Nahla and Al-Ajhar.

Al-Saadawi hides a secret from Al-Ahhar in the fourth episode that may change their relationship with each other. Hashem begs Emad and Jamila to forgive him. Al-Ahhar offers Adham a new partnership.

Jamila starts her new job in the fifth episode. In order to marry Nahla, Medea blackmails her father. Yasmine visits the neighborhood in search of Al-Ajhar.

And Osran El-Saadawi gives him a final ultimatum: either work with him or close his shop in the sixth episode. Nahla refuses to marry Medea. Adham succumbs to Al-Ajhar’s pressure and pays more money.

Al-Ahhar puts an end to Meeda’s blackmail after Anoosh tells him the truth in the seventh episode. Adham confronts Asran’s threat. Al-Saadawi quarrels with his ex-wife.

The events of the episodes of the Al-Ahhar series

Emad and Jamila try to find a shelter for them in the eighth episode. Asran gives an assignment to Meeda. Things don’t quite go as planned in Africa.

During the ninth episode, Alleni and Meda manage to carry out their mission, unaware that they are being watched. Villagers in Africa doubt the loyalty of Al-Ajhar and Al-Wishi.

In the tenth episode, Sharif reprimands Asran and ends his partnership with him. Meeda asks Saadawi for forgiveness while Al-Ahhar returns with new plans.

And when he reaches a point from which there is no return, Al-Saadawi confronts Al-Ajhar with the truth that he has been waiting for for years in the eleventh episode, and the latter sees a single goal in front of him, which is revenge for Youssef Al-Saghir.

And Al-Ajhar detains Meeda, who incites him against Al-Lini in the twelfth episode. Yasmine asks her father not to end his partnership with Al-Ajhar, who is preparing for his next move with Asran.

Hashem asks Sharif for a job opportunity in the thirteenth episode. Nola seeks to take the key to Saadawi’s shop. Al-Ajhar convinces Adham of a new partnership.

Asran seeks help from Adham after the harm he suffered from Sharif in the fourteenth episode. Al-Ajhar takes Meeda to Kenya, where he sees the dangers surrounding him.

the bass

In a confrontation between Nola and Nahla, the latter discovers her father’s secret during the fifteenth episode. Hashem plans to gain Sharif’s trust.

Meda finds life difficult in Kenya and asks to return to Egypt in the sixteenth episode. Chaos prevails in the neighborhood when Nola takes over the management of Al-Saadawi’s shop. Al-Ajhar begins searching for a new gemstone.

Emad and Jamila launch their new project without a license in the seventeenth episode. In a meeting with Asran, Nola asks for his help in running the shop. Meeda catches a dangerous fever.

After all his companions give up hope of finding the precious stone, Al-Ajhar puts his life on the line for one last attempt in the eighteenth episode. Anoosh’s health deteriorates.

Al-Ajhar and Meeda bid farewell to the tribe before their return to Egypt in the nineteenth episode. With the aim of turning a new page in his life, Meeda takes a bold decision regarding Nola.

During the twentieth episode, Al-Ahhar returns to the neighborhood and does not find Nahla and her father, and later confronts Nola about her relationship with Asran.

Adham Maarouf incites against Asran in the twenty-first episode. Hisham disobeys Sharif’s orders and talks to Bahira. Al-Ahhar goes to Alexandria.

The story of the series

Its events take place in the Al-Darb Al-Ahmar neighborhood in Cairo, within a social and humanistic template, and the star Amr Saad, who bears the name Al-Ajhar, stars in the role.

The young man, “Youssef,” finds himself accused of killing his mother, and grows up in a correctional facility. Despite his difficult circumstances, he possesses noble qualities.

He becomes responsible for his brothers, and circumstances push him to travel undercover to a number of African countries, and enter the world of the mafia. And be someone who sees more than people see.

Series heroes

  • Amr Saad
  • Dora
  • Syed Ragab
  • Anushka
  • Amr Abdel Galil
  • Ahmed Magdy
  • Ahmed Safwat
  • The light of the prophet
  • Arefa Abdel Rasool
  • Sarah Salameh
  • Nahed El Sebaei
  • Khaled Zaki
  • Mahmoud Kabil
  • Mustafa Abu Saree
  • Amr Abdel Galil
  • Mohamed Gomaa
  • Nada Bahjat

In the end and through Türkiye Today website We have known you and you to watch the series Al-Ajhar, the twenty-second episode. We also got acquainted with the channels transmitting this interesting drama.

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