May 16, 2023

Chatalca district is the largest district in European Istanbul in terms of area, which reaches approximately 1,291 km2, and has a population of 81,589 people. This area has an attractive view of the Marmara Sea coast, with a length of 135 km.

The region’s economy depends on animal husbandry, agriculture, and industry. Among the most cultivated products in the agricultural fields in that region are sunflowers, barley, and watermelons. There are also many industrial facilities in it, and there are 20 power plants, from wind turbines with a capacity of 60 megawatts in the Catalca region.

Historically, it has roots that go deep into history, going back to the Roman and Byzantine eras, as it was the main gate to Istanbul in the Byzantine era.

Türkiye Catalca

Chatlja site

running Chatalga site A large area in the European section of the European city of Istanbul, as it is located in the northern part of the Black Sea coast, and is approximately 55 km away from the city center, as it is surrounded by many areas, from the north Büyükçekmece, from the west the Silivri region, and the city of Tekradag, as for its neighbors From the east, they are Avcilar and Kucukcekmece.

Chatlja site

Tourist and natural places in Catalca

The Catalca region is one of the most important stations that you can go to on your tourist trips, which is close to the city center. The beaches that extend on the Black Sea coast on the one hand, and on the Marmara Sea on the other hand, are among the most important places worth visiting in this region.

There are many historical monuments, archaeological sites, museums, and picnic and barbecue areas, which constitute one of the most important tours that can be taken in this region. For example, the Flamingo region, which occupies a place for it in the village of Gökçeali, is one of the best stations for breakfast. Connect with nature in Catalca.

And there is Yalıköy district which is one of the coolest Tourist places in CatalcaIt is one of the areas suitable for camping and fishing in the area.

It is possible to go to the village of Ormanli, which appears as one of the most beautiful villages in Istanbul; Where you can spend a unique vacation in it through its wonderful beach, its areas that are suitable for camping with the sounds of the waves, and watching the sunset in the heart of nature, in addition to the activities that you can do, such as safari trips and paragliding.

In the Chatalca region, there is a large group of important tourist areas such as the Naqsh Village, the Kabkacha Village Museum, the Mubadala Village, the Kamal Sinal Cave, and the Long Wall. And other places designated for tourist trips.

They chatted

Live in the Catalca district of Istanbul, Turkey

Catalca is located in the western part of the European city of Istanbul, and with its attractive view of the Sea of ​​Marmara on the one hand, and Lake Kushkukcekmece on the other, makes this area one of the most wonderful residential areas in Istanbul.

Catalca is also characterized by the presence of many industrial projects and vital facilities, which work to provide manpower and push the economy forward. Its proximity to Istanbul International Airport makes it convenient to buy an apartment.Residence in Catalca Istanbul distinguished project.

Tourist places in Catalca

Real estate investment in the Çatlıca region – Çatlıca Istanbul real estate

Chatalca district of Istanbul It is one of the most suitable areas for the establishment of investment projects of all kinds, as the industrial components that are necessary for the establishment of laboratories or factories are widely available, and the vast areas necessary for the establishment of real estate in all its forms are located in a place.

In addition, the presence of many industrial and commercial projects in the region encourages Invest in a patternq chatlja.

The real estate in Türkiye Catalca It is one of the finest real estate in Istanbul, especially those apartments, which are suitable for family housing, and the distinctive thing in this area is the beautiful rural houses, accompanied by the presence of residential buildings that are within modern modern complexes.

Invest in the Catalca region

1. Apartments in Çatlıca

How beautiful it is to own an apartment in Catalca! Where vast green spaces, beautiful natural areas, strong infrastructure, many tourist attractions, and integrated services for it, through these factors combined with each other, the idea of ​​​​buying Apartments in Catalca It’s great, and it will be your go-to destination.

2. Villas in the Catalca region

The diversity of natural places in this region, and the multiplicity of options available from Villas in Catalca, is one of the most important reasons that drive investors to buy villas in this area. As you can see the designs that were relied upon in building the villas are wonderful, their finishes are extraordinary, their locations are distinctive, their views are charming, and their prices vary.

Apartments in Catalca

3. Farms in the Catalca region

Prepare Farms in Catalca A golden opportunity for investment, for owners of capital, as many projects related to agriculture can be established through it, such as growing agricultural crops and selling them in markets, accompanied by raising livestock and animals, and residential houses can be established on their side, with social facilities that make Farms are a profitable project par excellence.

lands in the Catalca region

4. Lands in the Catalca region

sector work lands in the Catalca region One of the sectors that can achieve high profits in real estate projects. These lands, with their investment returns, have met with great demand from businessmen, due to the variety of projects that can be undertaken.

Especially since the Catalca region is one of the most suitable rural areas to live in, far from the traffic congestion that Istanbul is full of.

Farms in Catalca

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