May 31, 2023

Al-Zand series, Wolf of the Orontes, episode 24, the twenty-fourth, in high quality, HD. Within the framework of suspense, adventures, social relations, love, humanity, revolution, strength and courage, the series Al-Zind, Asi Al-Zind, is played by the famous Syrian actor, who returned after the long absence of Tim Hassan. This series talks about the past period of the Ottoman occupation, which occupied the Arab countries and spread injustice and poverty there. Where he talks about the pashas and their spread in all parts of the lands of the Levant, thieves and plunderers of the goods of the estate and agricultural lands as well. The series revolves around Assi and how he takes revenge on the Pasha Nawras after Assi was wronged in his childhood and his father’s land was stolen from him from the Pasha Nawras. We will talk in our article from the siteTürkiye Today On the twenty-fourth episode of the Zand series, we will also put some viewing and download links for you. We will remind you of the showtimes of the series. In addition to the story of the previous episode of the series as well.

The dates of the presentation of the Al-Zind series, episode 24

The series Al-Zand, Wolf of the Orontes, will be shown at exactly the same time Eight o’clock in the evening the Arab kingdomSaudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria and Iraq. The same is true of the hour Seven in the evening Republic time Egypt Arabic. As for the countries of the Arab Maghreb at the exact time Six in the evening. And all of these times are for a channel MBC Drama MBC Drama.

As for the timing of the show on Shahid platform two hours ago Shown on MBC Drama.

Summary of episode 23 of the series, The Orontes Wolf

Asi and his men go to Idris to take revenge on him for everything he did, including the killing of his father long ago. In addition to the death of his sister. The same applies to the recent killing of one of his men. Therefore, Asi goes to the village of Idris with his men, and Idris tries to gather the people of his village and its youth to stand by his side in his fight against Asi, but none of them accepted. Assi arrives at the village and plucks out the other eye of Idris so that he becomes permanently blind. And leave him to live with this torment. And the Pasha imprisoned Nawras Shams in his cell because he discovered that she was helping Assi Al-Zind at one time. He also makes her husband divorce her permanently and leave her to complete her humiliation. As for Najat, she goes to Khalil, who informs her that Asi had previously established an agreement with the English Sir.

We talked in our article from the site Türkiye Today About Episode 24 of the series Al-Zand, The Wolf of the Orontes. We have provided you with links to watch and download the episode. In addition, we mentioned the dates of the show’s show in Arab countries. And a summary of the previous episode.

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