May 20, 2023

Despite the intensification of clashes in the Sudanese capital, between the Rapid Support Forces and the army, amidst the scarcity of bread and drinking water, some did not mind continuing to adhere to the ancient traditions of Ramadan.

A few days before the feast, a number of citizens in Khartoum slept on the ground in one of the streets, just before the sunset call to prayer, in order to extend a modest trip to break the fast, inviting everyone who passed by their few amidst these dangerous security conditions, to this table of theirs.

While the video clip spread like wildfire among the Sudanese, on the communication sites, amid a torrent of praises for their adherence to an ancient human tradition despite the difficult conditions the country is going through.

It is noteworthy that Sudan has been living since last Saturday in the wake of violent fighting between the two major military forces in the country, which led to the deaths of more than 144 civilians, and put dozens of hospitals out of service.

Violent clashes between the two sides renewed today, Wednesday, despite the truce announced yesterday evening, in the vicinity of the General Command headquarters, which is located near a residential neighborhood designated for a large number of officers and public employees, and also near the guest house and the airport area, in light of news of Rapid Support control over the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior.

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