May 31, 2023

During the past few days, hundreds of free and funded publications and advertisements invaded social media, talking about selling modern Samsung phones at very low prices in Turkey, as part of an organized fraud campaign led by many accounts supported by electronic flies on social media platforms.

Fake pages in the name of trademarks

These publications led pages and accounts on communication platforms, as these accounts took advantage of well-known brand names such as the well-known HEPSI BURADA store in Turkey, in addition to other brands such as MEDIA MARKET and TEKNOSA, which is a reliable source for buying electronic devices, smartphones and laptops in Turkey.

Advertising psychology

And those pages relied on (advertising psychology) that affects the psyche of the recipient and pushes him to click as quickly as possible on the link, without even looking at the name of the page that published it or verifying it, by claiming that the link will stop after only two minutes or that the quantity has expired and only 5 devices remain, and it must Answer a number of questions to pass the test and win the phone.

Once the link is clicked, the person will be transferred to a site similar in design and logo to the (Amazon) site, but it is not like that. Rather, another site asks users for a package of personal data such as name, nickname, and phone number, and in the end there is a field to transfer the amount (the price of the phone) to an account What is the pretext of processing and sending it.

An army of electronic flies

In order to ensure the conviction of the recipient, those accounts harnessed an army of electronic flies tasked with approving the publications, by claiming that they are customers and pioneers of social networking sites, and that they had already obtained the phone at its offered price of 17 Turkish liras, while the task of another group was to claim that they had received the call from employee of that company and they are already waiting for their phone.

As for others, they assumed the task of discussing the publications of those pages, as the same account that doubted the matter at first and then was convinced of it was repeated on many similar and controversial publications belonging to (different companies).

Facebook and Microsoft reveal the game

Although many fell victim to these links, and transferred the required amount to the accounts listed on those sites, it was easy to notice that these pages on “Facebook” and although they represent brands, they do not contain any followers, in addition to that they do not have The blue authentication badge that is usually used by real companies, in addition to that the protection system included in computers running Windows, will immediately send, once any link is clicked, a warning that (the link that is being followed is a malicious fraudulent fishing link).

How do the Turkish authorities deal with such cases?

Turkish lawyer (Ismet Ural) said in an interview with Orient Net, “Such gangs are not recent. Every day a gang tries to exploit a situation to defraud citizens and foreigners alike. There are many methods used by these people. But the goal of it is the same, which is to make money, but in return, its end is dire and one as well.

Among the most prominent methods used in fraud and theft is what was done by many gangs that claimed to be members of the police or intelligence, and raided the homes of many Syrians under the pretext of searching and searching for counterfeit money, after threatening those families with (forced deportation) from Turkey, In light of a wave of hatred and hostility launched by many opposition parties towards the Syrians in the country.

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