May 30, 2023

The “Chakmak Line” bunkers built in Istanbul against a possible German invasion before World War II have been forgotten.

Where experts are of the opinion that shelters, which disappear with urbanization, can be introduced to tourism. These bunkers have thick concrete walls, strong doors and windows large enough to drag just a barrel.

These structures, which were built against the possibility of Nazi attack before World War II, were called bunkers.

It is also planned to build hundreds of shelters along the two hundred kilometer line from Istanbul Buyukcekmece to the Black Sea coast.

Historian and writer Mehmet Dilbaz said: “Until today, it has been almost 83 years since its construction and this line has already entered the inventory of Istanbul’s cultural heritage. Because every building with a history of more than 80 years is a historical monument.

However, only a small portion of those bunkers were built. Most of what was built was either destroyed by rapid urbanization or new buildings were built on top of it.

He added, “These shelters can be arranged for war tourism and can be used as a memorial museum for World War II, in which Turkey did not participate, as well as a war museum for the Balkan Barbie, which is its main function.”

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