May 28, 2023

The head of the Jordanian Astronomical Society, Ammar Al-Sakji, said that if the legal optical vision is approved in Jordan; The first day of Eid al-Fitr is Saturday. But if astronomical calculations are adopted, it will be on Friday.

Al-Sakji added, in media statements today, Wednesday, that the decision to declare Eid al-Fitr belongs to the Fatwa Department and the Assembly, indicating that all ancient and modern standards show that seeing the crescent of Shawwal on Thursday “is not possible with the naked eye” and telescope in Jordan and the Arab region.

He revealed that the crescent will be born on Thursday at 7:12 minutes in the morning, indicating that the moon is about 5.5 degrees away from the sun at its sunset on Thursday; It is less than the minimum possible sighting of the crescent according to the “Dangoon” limit of 6-7 degrees.

Al-Sakji explained that in Jordan, visual vision is adopted through a telescope. Where the Fatwa Council issued a fatwa on this years ago, and thus adopts visual vision with the naked eye and through the telescope.

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