May 26, 2023

Turkey’s efforts to increase its bilateral trade with the countries of the Middle East, one of its traditional markets, have begun to bear fruit in the recent period, especially at the level of the Gulf countries.

Turkish exports to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, in particular, achieved a remarkable jump during the first quarter of this year.

Among the important steps taken to increase exports was the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between Turkey and the UAE and the holding of talks with Saudi Arabia to enhance trade relations last March.

Data from the Exporters Council in Turkey showed that Turkish exports to the UAE increased by 262 million and 722 thousand dollars in the first quarter of 2023, on an annual basis.

According to the data, Turkey’s exports to the UAE amounted to $1.23 billion between January and March 2023.

Turkish exports to Saudi Arabia also increased by 541 million and 906 thousand dollars in the same period, to reach 611 million and 816 thousand dollars.

Thus, Saudi Arabia ranked second among the countries to which Turkish exports increased the most during the first quarter, while the UAE came in fourth place.

The UAE ranked 13th and Saudi Arabia ranked 21st among the countries that import Turkish products the most.

The UAE’s share of Turkey’s total exports amounted to 1.7% and Saudi Arabia 1% during the aforementioned period.

The Turkish jewelry sector received the highest demand in the first quarter from the UAE, as exports amounted to 371 million and 640 thousand dollars.

Turkey also exported $71,115,000 worth of chemicals and their products to the UAE, as well as ready-made clothing and textiles worth $50,101,000, electrical and electronic equipment worth $49,671,000, and fish and animal products worth $49,460,000.

The highest demand for the carpet sector in Turkey came from Saudi Arabia, with a value of 85 million and 479 thousand dollars during the first quarter.

Saudi Arabia imported $65,142,000 worth of grains, legumes, oilseeds and their products from Turkey, $58,747,000 in ready-made clothes and textiles, $57,293,000 in chemicals and their products, and $44,742,000 in electrical and electronic equipment.

Companies operating in Istanbul topped the list of companies that exported the most products from Turkey to the UAE, with a value of 634 million and 530 thousand dollars, and to Saudi Arabia with a value of 260 million and 227 thousand dollars.

Çorum ranked second in terms of its exports to the UAE with a value of 103 million and 730 thousand dollars, followed by Izmir with a value of 42 million and 30 thousand dollars, Bursa with a value of 34 million and 209 thousand, and Gaziantep with a value of 33 million and 53 thousand dollars.

At the level of Saudi Arabia, the second place went to Gaziantep with a value of 93,680,000 dollars, followed by Ankara with a value of 41,124,000 dollars, Hatay with a value of 31,610,000, and Bursa with a value of 22,415,000 dollars.

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