May 29, 2023

In a gesture in which he expressed his gratitude to her during the month of Ramadan, a young Jordanian gave his wife a gift of 30,000 gold pounds, in addition to a cash amount of 1,500 Jordanian dinars.

The value of 30 gold pounds is estimated at about 30,000 Jordanian dinars, or about 45,000 US dollars. He also invited her and her family to the most luxurious hotels in the capital, Amman.

The owner of a flower shop in Madaba said, through a Facebook post, that the young man’s feast was a reward for her hard work and staying up late during Ramadan, according to the local news website, Saraya.

For each day a pound is gone

He also explained that the reward for every day in Ramadan was a “gold pound”, which is a gold coin.

On the other hand, activists commented on the gift, considering it a gift of “the right to salt,” which is a custom inherited in the countries of the Maghreb, and not in the Levant or the Arab East.

Where the husband presents a gift to his wife on Eid al-Fitr, either a sum of money or a piece of gold in gratitude for her hard work and staying up late during the Iftar and Suhoor meals of Ramadan.

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