May 31, 2023

Al Sadd series, episode 36, based on a 1977 Turkish feature film, but this time, the story is different! Not of foreign origin, but from a Turkish feature film produced in 1977.

The story of the series revolves in the second season of this work, as it is like burning nerves, after the first promotional advertisement for the second season was released, we will see Biran Damla Yilmaz with a yellow wig heading towards another man, who is the man she married in the first season and set up on him, so that Nazim sees her and is surprised by her appearance, and when the other man asks him What do you want him to tell him that she is his wife.

You can watch the TV series (Baraj – Dam) on the Turkish Fox TV channel, every Tuesday, at 8:00 KSA time in front of the Fox TV screens.

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