May 31, 2023

The Free Palestinian-Syrian Gathering in Turkey “Masir” announced the approval of the Turkish government to grant Palestinian refugees displaced from Syria and residing in Turkey the “Kimlik” temporary protection card for those who do not have it.

And the assembly reported on its website that a meeting took place on Wednesday, October 7, between Turkish official and government agencies, and representatives of Turkish civil society organizations, during which the problem of Syrian Palestinians who do not hold a “Kimlik” card was raised.

The association added that its representative, Dr. Hossam Saad, was informed of the approval of the Turkish official authorities to grant the Palestinian refugees displaced from Syria the Kamlik card.

The assembly called on the Palestinian-Syrians who do not have the card, to fill in their data in order to send them and follow up on the file with the Turkish side, through the following link:

The “Kimlik” card is considered a prerequisite for refugees in Turkey to obtain social and civil services, most notably the right to medical care and public education, the right to work and movement, and to benefit from state contributions and judicial protection, among others.

It is noteworthy that the number of Palestinian-Syrian refugees in Turkey is about 2,400 registered Palestinian families, with 8 to 10 thousand individuals, distributed over all Turkish lands in the center and south, and the number of families in Istanbul, including, is approximately 1,200 Palestinian families, 400 of whom do not have property. Temporary protection papers (Kimlik), as well as 1,200 Palestinian-Syrian families live in Turkey distributed in the southern governorates, about 390 families of which do not have temporary protection documents.

Source: Refugee Portal

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