May 31, 2023

Today, Monday, the Regulatory Authority for Communications and Post of the regime announced the increase in the prices of communications and the Internet in Syria, as of May 1, 2023.

The authority said in a post on Facebook that it had agreed to raise the prices of cellular communications services by between 30-35% and the prices of fixed communications services by between 35-50%.

It claimed that the price hike comes in light of the significant increase in the costs of basic components and operating expenses for cellular and fixed communications networks, and to ensure the continuation of the services of companies working in the field of communications to their subscribers.

Syriatel raises the prices of communication and the Internet

Company Syriatel said that the price of a cellular minute for prepaid lines will be 35 Syrian pounds, as of the beginning of May, and the minute tariff for postpaid lines will be 33 Syrian pounds, while the price of a megabyte outside the package will be 22 pounds.

Syria Telecom raises the price of the Internet

For its part, the Syrian Telecom Company announced raising the subscription tariff for ADSL Internet portals, and it became as follows:

  • 4200 Syrian pounds for a speed of 256 kilobytes
  • 4700 Syrian pounds for a speed of 512 kilobytes per second
  • 6000 pounds for a speed of 1 megabyte
  • 7500 Syrian pounds for a speed of 2 MB

Fixed telephone service prices in Syria 2023

Syrian Telecom published a list of new prices for fixed line services as follows:

  • The monthly subscription fee for a fixed line phone is 1,300 Syrian pounds
  • Qatari minute fares (from 9 am to 5 pm) 5 liras
  • Qatari minute fares (from 5 pm to 9 am) 3 liras
  • The fare for every 3 local qa’iq is 2 Syrian pounds

Raise the wages of communications and the Internet in Syria

Last June, the Regulatory Authority for Communications and Post of the Syrian regime raised the fees for cellular, landline and Internet communications in Syria.

At that time, the commission claimed that the price hike came “to ensure the continuation of the work of telecommunications companies and their services in line with the current conditions resulting from the repercussions of Caesar’s law and the high exchange rate,” adding that the hike was at the request of cellular companies (MTN – Syriatel).

She claimed that the increase in telecommunications and Internet fees was to enable telecommunications companies to implement the projects required of them (maintenance, rehabilitation…), in addition to fulfilling their financial obligations in foreign exchange to global service providers, in light of a significant rise in energy prices, denying that this decision was based on “ Absolutely” to profit motives.

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