May 29, 2023

In light of the continuing Corona epidemic and its side effects, the Turkish Civil Service Department was able to continue its work in an orderly manner while taking all measures and procedures, and facilitating daily and necessary administrative transactions, whether for Turkish citizens or foreigners residing in Turkey, especially members of the Arab community.

The reason for the department’s success and unhindered activity in light of the pandemic that has impeded the work of many administrative institutions around the world is due to the website that it launched last May, in order to book an appointment to clear administrative transactions.

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Since its launch, the site has received millions of appointment reservations to clear the following transactions:

Obtaining the date of birth registration

Change of residence address

Passport application

Issuance of an identity

Issuing a driving license

The site can be accessed via the following link:

Upon entering, the appointment is recorded by entering the national number and identity data “name, surname, date of birth, phone number, place of residence,” with writing the name of the municipality and state, and reserving the available appointment. You can enter the site after obtaining the appointment at any time in order to find out Appointment details, by entering the Başvuru Sorgula tab and entering the required data in full, then the site will display the appointment details in full.

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The step of launching a website in order to facilitate daily administrative services came within the framework of measures and measures taken to combat the Corona virus, which were taken by the Turkish government, with the aim of protecting citizens, institutions and companies from its health repercussions on the economy.

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