June 1, 2023

The doctor of the late actor, Mohamed Qanoua, revealed the circumstances and secrets of the health crisis that led to the recent deterioration of the health condition of the loyal actor, leading to his death a few days ago.

In an interview with Radio Arabesque, Dr. Talal Martinos said that Qanoua was suffering from heart problems in advance, and he had 3 heart grids installed on the Thursday before his death, and he was discharged from the hospital naturally.

However, on Saturday, Kanoua complained of severe chest pain due to an acute myocardial infarction, and when an emergency catheter was performed on him, it was found that there was a blockage in the three networks.

Despite trying to open the closed arteries, this did not work because he arrived in the hospital in a state of cardiac shock, especially with a sharp drop in pressure and a rapid heartbeat.

suicidal behaviour

The doctor tried to distance himself from responsibility and deny suspicions of medical error, stressing that the quality of the networks that were installed to Qanoua was excellent and the stages of the medical procedures were documented with videos.

However, according to the doctor, the blockage of the arteries usually occurs because the patient’s body is not in contact with the fluid (he considers it an abnormal body) or the patient stops taking his medication, and also when the effectiveness of the medication is weak as a result of poor manufacture.

The doctor recounted behaviors that might be considered suicidal for the example, as he confirmed that he was a heavy smoker, as he smoked 5 packs of smoke a day, and he did not even reduce smoking after the catheterization procedure, despite the presence of a family problem, psychological pressure, diabetes, and heart disease in the family as well.

And last Saturday, the Artists Syndicate affiliated with the Assad militia government, a large number of Syrian actors, and dozens of accounts on social media mourned the actor, Muhammad Qanoua, after a heart attack at the age of 49.

his position on the revolution

He was known to be content with his loyalty to the Assad regime, and he was not content with considering Bashar al-Assad a red line, when he said in one of his radio interviews that “Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian Arab Army, and the flag is a red line,” but he was a false witness to the falsification of facts when he participated in the TV series Moons in Your Night, which he filmed with The loyal director, Najdat Ismail Anzour, on the ruins of Khan Sheikhoun, Kafr Nabl, and villages and towns in southern Idlib, which the Assad militia entered in 2019 and displaced its people.

The series, in which Qanoua participated in the role of an officer in the Assad militia, also included members of the 25th Division led by “Suhail al-Hassan,” nicknamed “The Tiger.” Some scenes included bombing the homes of displaced Syrians in the northern Hama countryside and the southern Idlib countryside, portraying them as homes belonging to loyalists. And that the missiles came from the opposition factions.

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