May 29, 2023

An official in the Jordanian Ministry of Interior announced new decisions allowing Syrians to travel to Jordan to meet their families, including Syrians who were residing in the Kingdom and obtained resettlement in a third country, and Syrians in the Arab Gulf states.

The Director of Nationality and Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, Basem Al-Dahamshe, said that Jordan canceled a decision nearly two years ago that prevented the return of refugees who voluntarily left the Kingdom to a third country.

The countries through which the Syrian refugees can return after they have been resettled have been chosen, such as European countries, the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia, in addition to the Syrian refugees who voluntarily left for the Gulf countries, but whose families remained in Jordan, they were allowed to return to the Kingdom. Also, Jordan had allowed, two years ago, Syrian groups to enter Jordan through tourist offices.

Commenting on the decision, Al-Dahamisheh talked about “changing the approach to become based on specific foundations that depend on the supreme national interest of the Jordanian state, such as economic interest, promoting tourism to Jordan, revitalizing the economy, and achieving Jordan’s interest in the field of human rights and its reputation in this field.”

Al-Dahamisheh reminded of a previous Jordanian decision that prevents anyone who enters Jordan with the intention of visiting, tourism, treatment, or for any other purpose, from applying for asylum with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

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