June 1, 2023

We present to you the series “The Resurrection of Othman” via the frequency of the atv channel, as the atv channel is one of the most popular channels, especially during the previous period, as it is unique in showing many Turkish and dramatic series, which have gained great popularity in the Arab world during the past years. From interesting and dramatic events, it also displays the most beautiful and wonderful places in Turkey, in addition to highlighting the culture, customs and traditions of the Turkish people.

The frequency of the new Yarmouk channel 2021

The Jordanian Yarmouk channel displays a huge group of historical Arabic and Turkish works through its screen, so you will always find it at the top of the global search engine, Google, to search for its frequency via the Egyptian satellite Nilesat, where its broadcast signal can be set to 11678, horizontal polarization, error correction factor 5/6, and the coding rate 27500 The Yarmouk channel is currently showing on its screen the famous Turkish series “Ertugul Al-Ghazi”, whose events revolve around the founder of the Ottoman Empire, how it was established, and the most prominent expansions that took place during his reign.

The series “The Resurrection of Othman” via the frequency of the ATV channel

The time of the most factors that increased the popularity of the channel is that it shows the episodes of the Resurrection Osman series, which received millions of views in a time that is considered short, in addition to the approaching broadcast date of the third season of the famous series, The Flower of the Trinity. This prompted many fans of Turkish drama to search for the frequency of the new channel. on all satellites.

atv channel frequency

The series, Al-Ghazi Ertuğrul, is broadcast weekly on Turkish ITV screens, at eight in the evening, according to the time of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the seventh, according to Cairo time, through the following frequencies: –

Moon: – Astra

Frequency: – 11243

Polarization: – Vertical

Coding: – 27500

And the series “The Resurrection of Othman Al-Ghazi” is transmitted through the Algerian Al-Fajr screens, through the following frequencies and symbols: –

The moon: – Nilesat

Frequency: – 12034

Polarization: – horizontal

Coding: – 27500

Correction:- 4/3

To watch the episode, click here

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