May 31, 2023

An article written by Polina Konopolianko, in the Russian newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, dealt with the different interpretations of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s health, and how it could increase his popularity.

According to the “RT” agency, the article stated: After Erdogan appeared to be ill in a live broadcast on Turkish television, the whole world (especially Turkey) caught his breath. It seems that the reason is not that serious (the politician himself said that he had a stomach ache because of exhaustion). But the subsequent cancellation of public events in which Erdogan participates has raised questions and speculation.

And the government center for combating disinformation in Turkey quickly denied the brightest rumors that there was no intestinal crepe, but a real heart attack (especially since the president was hospitalized).

But won’t Erdoğan lose valuable time?

The situation for Erdogan is not easy: recent opinion polls show a very small gap between the current president and the leader of the opposition camp.

In this regard, the editor of Moskovsky Komsomolets – Turkey, Yashar Niyazbayev, said: “I see that this will not negatively affect the course of the electoral race. There is a characteristic in Turkey that makes them see in this incident Erdogan’s devotion to work for the benefit of the citizens. Pre-election campaigns actually take a lot of energy, a person feels tired, but in spite of everything, he continues to work. It is noteworthy that he (Erdogan) spoke on the same day, apologized and said that the matter was due to fatigue. It was confirmed that the doctors did not recommend him to participate in the interview, and yet he came because of his respect for the viewers. The big question is how long that will take. If it continues for a long time, the situation may take another turn. But if Erdogan appears in public tomorrow or the day after, it will be seen as devotion. This certainly will not negatively affect his popularity.”

On Thursday, Health Minister Fakhruddin Koca said that President Erdogan’s health condition was “very good,” and that the gastroenteritis he had was “in decline.”

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