May 31, 2023

The Directorate General of Immigration Management in the Turkish state of Istanbul has developed solutions for transactions related to residency for foreigners via the Internet, and for frequently asked questions.

Turkish immigration created this service, within the scope of the new procedures applied due to the “emerging corona” virus (Covid-19), for transactions related to residency in Istanbul, according to what was published by the “Refugees” Association in Turkey, on its Facebook page today, Tuesday. October 13th.

It became possible to access the information that the individual is looking for without leaving the house, such as inquiring about the residence permit and types of permits, as well as inquiring about the status of the residence permit application, by sending a request to the e-mail that the Immigration Department created for that. [email protected]

And the Immigration Department published, on its official website, an announcement that procedures related to residency became available online, such as asking about the status of the residency application, or the residency review document, asking about the “PTT” barcode number, and receiving notifications of residency refusal or cancellation.

In order to find out the information that the person wants to know, the question must be sent along with the passport and residence information, according to the announcement of the Turkish Immigration Department, which focused on the use of the “HES” code, and it is obligatory to obtain it for any procedure.

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